We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work on a “mucus engineering” approach to develop new strategies to reinforce the barrier properties of mucus gels.

Apply now via the KTH website.

Schematic representation of mucus

What is “mucus engineering”?

Mucus is a fascinating material that sits on our epithelium and that protects us from infections (see our outreach materials here). By “mucus engineering”, we mean that we are modifying the physical properties of mucus by topical treatments.  For instance, we have shown one can repair dehydrated mucins, or slow down the diffusion of proteins and polymers through mucus gel by the addition of mucoadhesive polymers.

What would I be doing?

You would be funded for at least 1 year to develop and characterize efficient new ways to increase the barrier properties of mucus. This could include some polymer chemistry, work with several types of mucus materials from animals and humans, measure the barrier properties of mucus using micro-fluidic devices, explore the applicability of your mucus crosslinking strategies.

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for a PhD with a great track record of creativity and scientific productivity (metrics beyond publications and journal IF most welcome). You need to be self-driven and want to make an impact. Your scientific background would typically be in bioengineering, chemical engineering or related fields.


What would my work be like?

You will be working at KTH in Stockholm in a lab focused on mucus engineering. We are a group of two researchers, a postdoc, a PhD student and several visiting students and postdocs working on various approaches to modify mucus properties and on building new mucus-based biomaterial. You will be working in close collaboration with Cirqle Biomedical, our spinoff company located in Copenhagen, which develops a new non-hormonal contraceptive for women.

How do I apply?

Apply here via the KTH recruitment website

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