This is a long overdue post to welcome everyone new to the group! We are very fortunate to welcome a number of master student from KTH, a bachelor-level internship, and a new postdoctoral researcher!

  • Lava Maroof – Master thesis project supervised by Hongji Yan on in vitro testing the immunomodulatory properties of mucin hydrogels towards macrophages.
  • Marcus Melin – Master thesis project supervised by Hongji Yan on the encapsulation of insulin-producing beta cells in mucin hydrogels
  • Mathias Lanteli – Master thesis project supervised by Ulrike Scmipf on the investigation of the effect of oligochitosan on human spermatozoid properties
  • Valentin Silveira – From the Institute National Polytechnique (INP-ENSIACET), in Toulouse doing an internship supervised by Kun Jiang and Hongji Yan on developing new crosslinking strategies for mucins.

We also welcome to the group Dr.Matt Blakeley as a postdoctoral researcher. Matt comes out of a PhD focused on vitamin-binding proteins in saliva in the group of Guy Carpenter at King’s College London.

Matt will be working on a mucus engineering approach to solving mucosal dryness.

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