A warm welcome to a couple newcomers to the group.

Gilai Nachmann will be conducting his master project course with us until the end of the year. Gilai is a proud alumni of 2017 iGEM Stockholm team and is now joining us to work on mucus engineering. He will work with Ulrike Schimpf on understanding chitosan-sperm interactions and developing the mucus-reinforcing technology we envision to use as a novel non-hormonal contraceptive.

Laise Lopes is joining us as visiting PhD student from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil. Laise will be working with Georgia Petrou on a new silk-mucin hybrid material for wound healing. Here stay with us is made possible thanks to the support of STINT funding agency supporting international collaborations in science and education in colaboration with Prof. Mariana Agostini de Moraes and Prof. Marisa Masumi Beppu.



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