Over the past five months we have had the pleasure of working with three great students in our lab. THANK YOU to all of them for their hard work and great attitude during their stay! Here’s what they have been up to:


  • Morgan Hjorth, has work with Hongji Yan on the analysis of cytokine expression of macrophages cultivated on mucin hydrogels. He has successfully completed his bachelor degree from the Karolinska Institute and is now finishing a masters degree at KTH. This is part of a broader project looking at the immune modulating properties of mucins. Our preliminary results show that mucins are able to modulate the response of macrophages by transiently activating both pro- and anti- inflammatory cytokines in macrophages (cell line derived and primary), and when implanted in mice, that these mucins hydrogels show signs of low foreign body response.


  • Kajsa Sixtensson has worked with Honjgi Yan on developing mucin pure thin films. She developed new chemically modified mucins and studied their interaction at the surface. Kajsa has now graduated from KTH with a Masters degree in Biotechnology. This project aims to develop more mucin thin films that mimic more closely the mucus structure than adsorbed mucin coatings.


  • Liv Jakobsson has worked with Ulrike Schimpf on better understanding the interactions between chitosan and mucus. ┬áLiv has now graduated from KTH with a Masters degree in Biotechnology. Her work will help in the development of a non-hormonal contraceptive, which works by reinforcing the barrier property of cervical mucus.

We are continuing the work on all of these projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our past and ongoing research.


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