esof-logoI am very pleased to be attending ESOF for the first time this major general science conference, this year organized in Manchester (UK). There, the general public, scientists, journalists, policy makers, politicians, and many other professionals will join around science to talk and discuss point of view.

I will be  a session designed for early-carreer researchers interested using the latest digital tools for researchers to develop their research program and their career. Here is a description of the session organized by Elsevier:

The growth of Open Science and the ever-more rapidly developing powers of ICT are transforming the lives of researchers as never before. Early career researchers (ECRs) face a number of questions that are critical to the decisions they must make on their career path, such as: what are the most valuable tools researchers need to know and how can they help improve their research and performance? How can researchers enhance their career prospects? Which skills do they need to enhance visibility and recognition of their work? Does Open Science impact their research experience? How can ECRs benefit from the digital transformation of science? Looking ahead, can Open Science support ECRs to set their careers outside of academia?

We will offer immediate advice and assistance to participating ECRs from the relevant speakers and provide practical information and support in: training opportunities; development of personal skills; and usage of specific tools, technologies and platforms. Researchers will be offered the opportunity to join a collectively administered group on the collaboration network Mendeley to serve as a forum for future exchange and collaboration, assistance and career advice.

Want to join? Here’s where and when:

  • P_382 Opening up in the digital era: empowering early career researchers
  • Date: Monday 25 July 2016
  • Time: 08:30 – 09:45
  • Session: Careers Location: Manchester Central Convention Complex Organisers: Elsevier, Vitae; Young Academy of Europe

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