Join us

We are always looking for talented researchers passionate about science and technology to join our team. You will find the open positions posted on this page. We have no funded positions to offer at the moment

Master student are always welcome to apply to the group for a Master thesis project. We will discuss project that fit common interests. We tend to favor long Master projects (6 months or longer). Simply send us a message via the website contact form to get in touch.

The Master research project provides the student with a first experience of laboratory work and an opportunity to apply scientific reasoning. As a student, you will be mentored by experienced researchers and taught a number of experimental techniques. Together, we will define a short project on which you will be able to apply these techniques. We will make sure you learn to problem-solve when faced with technical difficulties, analyse and be critical about the results you obtain, and understand the context of your scientific project.

PhD studies. Most PhD student positions in Sweden are funded by project grants. Unfortunately, we have no open position at the moment. Opportunities will be posted here when they arise.

PhD fellowships may be available from various sources in your country or from Swedish institutions. For instance, the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds offers fellowships for conducting basic biomedical research in Europe. If you are a prospective phD student and are funded, you are welcome to contact us.

Postdoctoral positions. We welcome talented and enthusiastic PhDs to join our team. Simply send us a message via the website contact form to get in touch.Funding is available for postdoctoral positions. However we strongly encourage postdoctoral researcher to apply for their own funding either before coming or once they have joined. A number of fellowship are available for postdoctoral appointments in Sweden.

  • Royal Swedish Academy of Science. Once a year, the Swedish Academy of Science provides postdoctoral fellowship in many fields , including chemistry, biomedicine, and engineering.
  • Wenner-Gren foundation offers postdoctoral fellowship for exceptional foreign postdocs to join a Swedish research institute. One application per group is accepted. Please contact us if you are interested in applying. (deadline is in October).
  • The Carl Tryggers foundation offers postdoctoral fellowships for incoming scholar. (deadline is in May)
  • For Swedish and Italians (that are less than 33year old), the Blanceflor foundation offers scholarships for 1 year postdocs in Sweden.
  • The European Commission’s Marie Curie actions provide a range of individual fellowships to postdoctoral researchers.

Also check with your home research funders. They might have fellowship to encourage their researchers to gain experience abroad. For instance, in brazil the Science without boarders and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) in Turkey.