Congratulations to Hongji Yan and Cristina Chircov from the group for publishing their work entitled Reversible Condensation of Mucins into Nanoparticles in the ACS journal Langmuir. You may access the articles for free here (and through our website)

This work started with the visit of Cristina Chircov on a bachelor internship funded by an Erasmus fellowship. Cristina and Hongji found that by adding glycerol to dilute solutions of mucins, one could induce a drastic compaction of the molecules, from 1000 nm to only tens of nm. They found the effect was reversible and could be partially stabilized by cationic crosslinkers.

This work is the result of a nice collaborative effort, with strong participation from colleagues of the division of surface and corrosion sciences at KTH, the team of Hans Herbert at KTH and the team of Prof. Lieleg at TUM. We are continuing this project with the ambition to fully stabilize the nanoparticles once transferred out of the glycerol solution and build in environmental triggers to enable their sudden swelling.

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