The team extends a very warm welcome to two master students from The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH and to a bachelor student from the Karolinska Institute joining the team for the semester.

  • Liv Jakobsson (KTH) will be working with Dr. Ulrike Schimpft on altering the barrier properties of cervical mucus by chitosan molecules.
  • Kajsa Sixtensson (KTH) will be working with Dr. Hongji Yan on the assembly of new mucin thin films to create mucosal models.
  • Morgan Hjorth (KI) will be working with Dr. Hongji Yan on the in vivo and in vitro response of immune cells to mucin materials.

Find the whole team on the Team and Project page. We are always happy to mentor students and young researchers and excited to involve them in our ongoing projects. The students we take on are exposed to a stimulating research environment, get a flavor for what being a researcher entails, while contributing very concretely to the advancement of science.

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